About Workshops at H&R Studio

We are pleased to offer workshops taught by H&R Studio co-founders Brett and Lauren, as well as talented guest instructors from across the United States. With hefty portfolios and résumés, these guest instructors provide a great learning opportunity for students in Southwest Florida! Workshops are typically more focused and condensed than classes.

Price:  Workshop prices range from $195.00 to $225.00.

  • Workshops cost $195.00 if materials are NOT included.
  • Workshops cost $225.00 if materials ARE included.
  • Some workshops include model fees for an additional $45.00.

Annual Calendar: Scattered throughout the year in various sessions.

Dates: Usually Saturdays; may be taught on Sundays depending on instructor's schedule.

Time: From 10:00 AM-5:00 PM, with break from 12:30-1:30 PM.

Workshop Size: Only 10 students per workshop, though size may vary depending on the workshop. 

Instructors: Co-founders Brett F. Harvey or Lauren Amalia Redding, as well as guest instructors (whose information and examples of artwork can be seen on their respective workshop page). 

Eligible Students: Anyone over 16 years old (demonstrating maturity) is welcome! All experience levels are welcome, as well. While our workshops are ideal for anyone who wishes to learn how to create serious artwork in an informal setting, our workshops are particularly well-suited for:

  • Anyone who would like to try a new, unique medium or technique;
  • Anyone who would like an introduction to H&R Studio without committing to the schedule and price of a standard class.