Mentorship from H&R Studio

Need advice on how to improve both technically and conceptually, to whom you should look for inspiration, or … just where to go next with your art? Have your work reviewed in one-on-one meetings with co-founders Brett or Lauren. Ideal for self-directed artists developing their own body of work and studio practice, or students over 16 years of age developing portfolios for a potential future in the arts or art school.


Rates depends on location, whether at H&R Studio, your home in Southwest Florida, or virtually. Payment will be made at each in-person meeting or via PayPal for virtual meetings.

  • $40.00: FaceTime or Skype with Brett or Lauren for a 60-minute virtual review and discussion

  • $60.00: Bring your work to H&R Studio for an in-person, 90-minute review and discussion

  • $80.00: Brett or Lauren visit your home or studio in either Collier or Lee County for an in-person, 90-minute review and discussion

  • Please inquire for discounted package deals to schedule multiple meetings

The Value of Constructive Criticism

Mentorship is not a traditional, hands-on art lesson. Rather, it’s a private assessment of your work that provides you with thorough, friendly, constructive criticism. Technical issues will be discussed, but this is also a great opportunity to articulate bigger ideas: the goals, narratives, and inspiration necessary to create a cohesive, independent body of work and sustainable studio practice that goes beyond exercises and lessons. Brett and Lauren’s experience in art education, the art world, and as busy practicing artists offers an expansive breadth of knowledge and sources.

On Your Own Time

You can schedule a Mentorship meeting year-round regardless of Florida’s peak seasons, and you ultimately decide the meeting’s date. Your meeting can take place whenever is most convenient for you, your family, or travel schedule.

Flexible Locations

In addition to scheduling your own meeting, you can decide the location. If your artworks prove too inconvenient or numerous to pack up and you’re in Collier or Lee County, we’ll go to you. If you’re near or passing through East Naples, you’re welcome to bring a portfolio in to H&R Studio. And if you’re traveling or live outside Southwest Florida, we are happy to meet with you virtually via FaceTime or Skype.

Portfolio Review for Students

As stated above, Mentorship at H&R Studio is an ideal way for juniors and seniors in high school to prepare for a portfolio review. Portfolio reviews are common procedures when applying to art schools or various jobs within the visual arts. H&R Studio is open year-round, providing availability during a student’s crucial summer months leading up to the autumn college fair and admissions season.

A Note for Parents

If you are interested in Mentorship for your teenager/young adult, please remember that H&R Studio does not mentor any student under the age of 16. For those aged 16 and above, particularly still in high school, we invite parents to observe their teenager/young adult’s meeting (as we would for any programming) so that H&R Studio is a transparent space in which all feel comfortable.

If Interested, Please Fill Out the Form Below

Simply fill out this form and we will respond via email to schedule your meeting. As you determine the date and location of your Mentorship meeting, we prefer to confirm that information from you before payment. For that reason, and unlike some of our programming, one cannot enroll and pay for Mentorship meetings through this website. Virtual meetings will be paid for via PayPal, and in-person meetings will be paid for at each meeting, or the first in a package of meetings, via credit card, cash, or check.

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