The Ampersand in Our Logo Says It All

H&R Studio co-founders Brett F. Harvey and Lauren Amalia Redding strive to merge informed technique with sincere content within their own artwork, and that combination--of skill and meaning, the classical and the personal, the past and present--drives the mission of H&R Studio. At H&R Studio, students learn how to create challenging, skill-based representational art, but with breathing room and informality so that each student creates work that is uniquely his or her own.

H&R Studio emphasizes the structure of the human body: the understanding of geometric shapes and anatomy fundamental to representational drawing, sculpture, and painting. Many classes include copying Old Master works. Many begin by studying still lifes. Many also include working from life, or nude models. And uniquely, classes are taught in a space adjacent to Brett and Lauren's own studios. This rare opportunity for students to work alongside practicing artists adds a dynamic component to their development and helps keep the environment casual enough that students can (hopefully!) enjoy themselves. 

Students at H&R Studio are given these tools ... and then encouraged to explore them further. Brett and Lauren want to help lay a foundation sound enough that students' own styles and statements can flourish. 

Structure and individuality. Past and present. Skill and self-expression. At H&R Studio, we hope you'll join us in exploring these relationships.

Environment & Entity

H&R Studio is a private art studio that focuses on smaller classes. This ensures quality over quantity, with students receiving ample one-on-one attention. Instructors get to know students personally and are better poised to tailor the curricula to their particular needs. The emphasis on individuality does not only apply to a student's own aesthetic, but also applies to the instructor's approach to teaching.

H&R Studio is neither accredited, nor strives towards accreditation. This elimination of bureaucratic oversight allows for Brett and Lauren to promptly respond to specific preferences in scheduling and offered programs. This also allows greater flexibility for students, which is so crucial due to 1) Southwest Florida’s seasonal populations and 2) technology’s increasing ability to connect with students not only in Southwest Florida, but conversely across the globe. At H&R Studio, there is no rigid path of study, no graduation ceremony, no franchising, and no taxpayer support. 

H&R Studio hopes to epitomize the future of market-driven, private sector education. Fittingly, spearheading this twenty-first century model necessitates looking back to the past, when Italian Renaissance artists opened up their workshops (or bottega) to those who wished to learn from them. Even within these goals, the ampersand yet again signifies H&R Studio's objectives.