Private Lessons at H&R Studio

Would you like to take a class, but H&R Studio’s dates don't fit your calendar? Would you like to work within a very focused field of study, or, conversely, broadly explore it? Private lessons at H&R Studio are flexible in schedule, but high in thorough, individualized instruction. 


At $60.00/hour, H&R Studio’s rates equate those of most high school tutors.’ But at H&R Studio, you receive the knowledge and experience only acquired with Brett and Lauren’s graduate degrees and nearly ten years' studying, working, and exhibiting their artwork—receiving national attention along the way—in New York City, and now independently. Payment will be made at each lesson in person.

  • $120.00: Individual 2-Hour Lesson

  • $180.00: Individual 3-Hour Lesson

  • Please inquire for discounted package deals available when scheduling 4 or 6 lessons at once

  • Please note that additional fees are included for sculpture materials & models, if necessary

Art & Attention

Why do private lessons cost more per hour than group classes? Because it's one-on-one instruction, all tailored to fit you.  For example, if you’re interested in a particular class at H&R Studio, its curriculum can be modified into private lessons. Private lessons also provide the opportunity to focus on areas that are of particular difficulty to you for an extended amount of time.

On Your Own Time

Enrollment for private lessons is always open and rolling, and you ultimately decide the lessons’ dates. Your lessons can start--or end--whenever is most convenient for you, your family, or travel schedule.

Switch It Up: You're Not Restricted to One Medium or Instructor

Think a bit of sculpting with Brett will help inform your approach to drawing with Lauren? Do you work more expressively, like Brett, and think Lauren’s tidier approach might help? When taking private lessons at H&R Studio, you can jump from one medium to another, or go between lessons with either Brett or Lauren, ensuring the diverse, combined expertise of both co-founders.

A Note for Parents

If you are interested in private lessons for your teenager/young adult, please remember that H&R Studio does not teach any student under the age of 16. For those aged 16 and above, particularly still in high school, we invite parents to stay and observe their teenager/young adult’s private lesson (as we would for any programming) so that H&R Studio is a transparent space in which all feel comfortable.

If Interested, Please Fill Out the Short Form Below

As private lessons are so individualized, we prefer to speak with or meet you beforehand. For that reason, and unlike some of our programming, one cannot enroll and pay for private lessons through this website. It starts with a conversation at your convenience, and then payment will be made at each lesson, or the first in a package of lessons, in person via credit card, cash, or check.

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